The 'Oh God' Money Prayer

Someone you know is praying it right now!

Oh God, Please Help Me Deal With All This Money Stuff…

I want to serve you.
I want to give more to help others.
But, I'm afraid I won't have enough and
I'll end up losing my house, my car, my job, my friends.
What will my family think?
What if I make a wrong decision?
What will I do?
I've tried everything.
There's nothing else I can cut back.
There's nowhere else I can work.
I'm really stuck.
I'm so sorry.
I don't know what to do...

                           …O God, please help me deal with all this money stuff! 

What if the answers to current money situations were locked in current patterns of money thinking?
It Takes Faith for Finances, But...
It also takes knowledge and wisdom!

Our prayers (especially financial prayers) are often limited by OUR level of thinking, our experiences, beliefs, knowledge, and connections...
... not God's.

God wants us to find Him through finances!

God can do exceedingly more than we can even ask or think.

God can see beyond your current situation!

God gave us His Son, Jesus Christ, who taught us many things about the Kingdom of God for living in the world today!

Jesus gave us a blueprint for prayer, and He also gave us practical strategies for dealing with finances that are specific, actionable, and applicable for the world today!

It 's risky to look at and beyond your current circumstances and understanding to explore how God's Word can specifically help you with finances today?

Because it forces us to look at your beliefs, your thinking, your limitations.

God wants us strong, healthy and fully prepared to pursue the purposes He has for our lives.
This includes healing and transforming finances, along with our mind, body, soul and spirit!

He will give new knowledge, wisdom, answers, ideas, connections, strategies and hope for a brighter future as we invite Him into this area of our life where we have inadvertently lived double-minded!

Find God Through Finances and Learn to Pray for and about Money the Way Jesus Taught.

Download the Powerful, Practical, Simple

7-point Financial Prayer Strategy Inspired by the Lord's Prayer TODAY!

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